Liars inherit d earth while worker toils

Increasingly I see that those who work hard..have team something for the greater good are the ones who have to justify, explain, prove.. why is this a recurring phenomenon.. it is so demotivating. A brilliant example is mr Modi.. everyone knows how hard he works.. everyone knows how much he has achieved in short while.. everyone knows he doesn’t accumulate wealth for himself or family.. still after 4.5 years he will have to justify..recount his actions..hold prachar sabha and pitch for vote.. whereas look at the opposition leaders..that each one is worse than the other is an open secret..but all they have to do is bluff a little, allege a little, pretend a little and they might actually win.. isn’t that scary..the moral of the story is so depressing that I will stop writing for now..and go and watch some mindless romcom .. escaping from reality is the only solution …any suggestions


2018 to 2019 worrier to warrior

Knowingly or unknowingly we all anticipate what new year will bring for us.. more problems or solutions..miracles or obstacles… We may or may not make new year resolutions but certainly there is some inner dialogue that goes on about the year that has gone by.. my inner monologue this year brought about a huge revelation..coz the year was really a year of changes and challenges..completely non routine things happening..i knew at the start of 2018 that all this changes have been set in being the worrier that I am ..I sensed disaster..I was a nervous wreck in Jan 2018. Now in Jan 2019 I see clearly how each of those incidence brought about a change in me..for better.. I lost my shield and comfort zones..but that made me act on my own..take decisions and play by gut and instincts.. totally alert n active.. something I would have never done if not for the changes.. so what I thought would be disaster turned out to be a blessing.. 2018 became my most blessed year because I learned that I can be more strong more courageous.. that my angel is watching over me and life is to be taken one day at a time.. worrying is the worst energy depleting action and should be avoided vigorously.. with this newfound energy I thought I should take up atleast one new hobby..and so here I am..blogging my thoughts…sort of self notes in case I forget the lesson learned..